Declare Perfect Eye Fluid 15 mL


غير متوفر في المخزون

Declare Perfect Eye Fluid 15 mL Kuwait

Perfect synergy of immediately absorbed fluid texture and cooling roll-on application with massage effect


15 ML


reduces existing lines and wrinkles
Reduces Dark rings and puffiness are diminished.
Product features

This eye care product with the unique Declaré src™ complex immediately nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes with an intense moisturizer and reduces existing lines and wrinkles. Dark rings and puffiness are diminished. For freshly radiant, revitalised skin around the eyes!


synergistic herbal cocktail

src™ complex


How to use?

Apply it morning and/or evening. It is also suitable for occasional use in-between with make-up.
Apply the fluid in an outward motion, starting from the inside corner of the eye with repeated gentle pressure. If necessary, pat it in lightly with your finger
. All skin types

Made in Switzerland


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